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quick guide: essay structure

When writing an essay how you structure your content is important. Most essays follow a basic structure format that includes three components: introduction, body and conclusion. Each part plays an important role in how you lay the foundation and present information related to your topic. Readers will learn why your topic is important, so how you present your data will be significant in how your audience relates to the overall main idea.

The Introduction: What Details Are Essential for a Good Intro?

“You can start this paragraph with a question, humor or statistic; how you do this will depend on the subject matter of your essay. ”

The introduction is the beginning of your essay. It is the first paragraph readers are introduced to. The first sentence is known as your opening sentence. It is also known as a hook since it should make readers want to continue reading. The overall idea is to catch the reader’s eye with something significant and intriguing related to your topic. Your thesis statement will also appear in the introduction. This is the main idea or reason why the essay is written. This is basically one sentence that lays the foundation for the content. You will also have background information in this paragraph, but this will be brief since you will give more details in the paragraphs ahead. Your last sentence is known as the transition sentence and it prepares readers for the next paragraph.

Body Paragraphs: A Significant Part of Essay Structure

An essay will have multiple paragraphs that make up the body. They follow the introduction and the number of paragraphs will vary depending on the required length of the essay. Each paragraph follows the same structure with a topic sentence, supporting point, evidence and a transition sentence. These paragraphs are important as each relates to the main idea or thesis. They will provide in-depth information on why you stated your claim (thesis).

For instance, if your thesis statement has three pieces of supporting evidence, you may have one paragraph for each one. You will detail its connection to the main idea and provide background details on why it supports your claim. As long as you have a strong thesis that can be supported you should have no problem defending it. If you are experiencing problems in trying to find sufficient evidence, your thesis may need to be changed to be more suitable for an essay assignment.

The Conclusion: Ending Your Topic with Meaning and Understanding

The conclusion is the last paragraph in your essay. It helps bring your topic to a close and provides meaning behind the main idea. In this paragraph you may restate your thesis (of course you will not rewrite it word for word but paraphrased). You may even restate your main points mentioned throughout the essay to refresh readers. Sometimes you can provide insight on what you have learned or what you took from the subject matter. In some cases you would do this if you are writing about a piece of literature or a personal experience. Remember that hiring writers online could help with this task.

Each part of the essay writing process may have its challenges. Some students feel one part is more difficult than the other. You may find it easy to write when you take time to study a few essays before attempting to write your own. Pay attention to structure, organization and overall format. Details used as evidence and discussion points should also be noted. When you have written a few essays your skills will improve and the process will be easier.


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