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10 Great Tips For Composing A School Essay On Christmas

Christmas is a great holiday that everybody loves. It is a good topic to write about in your essay. However, there are many aspects of this holiday that you may mention in your paper. If you don’t know what aspect to discuss or describe in your work, you may look at the list of ideas below. They should definitely inspire you on something interesting.

  1. A wonderful memory.
  2. If you have a memory related to Christmas that always makes you happy when you think about it, you may choose it as a topic of your paper.

  3. The greatest present that you’ve gave.
  4. Some people feel much better when giving presents rather than when getting them. You may write a story about choosing and giving a present to your friend.

  5. Christmas shopping.
  6. Shopping is a significant part of this holiday. Write about your ways of Christmas shopping and people with whom you do this.

  7. Your favorite part of Christmas.
  8. Some people like the actual celebration and others enjoy preparing for Christmas. Write about what you like most.

  9. Christmas and family.
  10. For the majority of people, Christmas is a family holiday. You may compose an essay about the positive effect of this holiday on the relationships between family members.

  11. Christmas traditions.
  12. There are general Christmas traditions and there are local traditions. Write about the traditions that your family follows.

  13. The best Christmas.
  14. You’re likely to remember a Christmas day when everything was perfect. You may describe this day in your paper.

  15. A funny Christmas story.
  16. If you’ve engaged into some funny situation that occurred on Christmas day, it’d be great to write about it in your work.

  17. The day after Christmas.
  18. This day usually has its own unique atmosphere. Write about the one of such days from your life.

  19. The best present that you’ve received.
  20. Not everyone gets what they want on Christmas, but when a present meets or even exceeds your expectations, it feels like this is worth to be described in your essay.

No matter what topic you choose, you should write your paper in a simple and clear language that will be understandable to everyone. In such an essay, you don’t have to demonstrate the knowledge of difficult terms or great writing techniques. Your main purpose is to convey the atmosphere of the holiday and your own perception of it.

If you have some questions, you may always approach your teacher and consult them.


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