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Writing A High School Essay In Literature: 4 Ways To Impress Your Teacher

If you are a bright student who is striving to get the highest degree in the university, you will have to write essays that are better than everyone else’s. You need to begin writing better papers than everyone in your class if you want to get top marks, to cultivate vast knowledge of the subject and to develop your volume for authentic thinking. Below are a few tips to guide you.

  • Select a complicated topic
  • Choose a topic that no one else is going to write. This is your only chance to do something that is not being done by someone else. Write something that is not common, something that will not be expected by your tutor or teacher. Say very smart things about your topic and without any doubt, it will stand out from the rest.

  • Attempt a different form
  • Try exploring with a different form if you are struggling to find something original to say in your work. Thinking outside the box is the best remedy in this situation and you will be able to cope with the evidence you have at hand to discuss.

  • Use more progressive language and arrangement
  • You can make your work more original by using good vocabulary and making use of advanced sentence structures. Write the paper in your voice and do not use the style of the scholar or author whose book you were reading at that particular time. Use your own tone of voice and communicate in it with confidence. Use simple words which give a good picture rather the complex words.

  • Give your own assessment
  • A lot of students forget to write their own opinion and they write other people’s opinion instead. When you include your own opinion, your paper becomes more original than the one’s by your classmates. By adding a little more fuel and thought, it is almost easy to make your essay better than all the rest. You can also include illustrations, charts, and pictures to make your work more appealing. Only make sure that they don’t take away a part of the words. You can impress your teacher when you use the above mentioned because they are a very nice way to support your work. You can also use an analogy to make your assignment more original. The above steps will help you write the best essay ever and be assured that your teacher will be impressed.


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