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Women In Islam

The discussion about women and the society is one that has been on for some time. it does not seem like it Is going away anytime soon and we can only come to terms with the fact that it is a big issue that needs to be handled with a lot of care. A woman have been put in the back stage in many things and by different cultures and it is only now that things are changing and they could be ready for a community that is becoming for them in some near future. Despite all these anticipated changes, Muslims have always been on the spot light for the way they treat their women. Muslim women are treated in a mean way by their men than other women. However, there are still some who feel that this treatment may be the best way to treat a woman but it is not unfair. The Hijab issue and why Muslim women are forced to wear it has been one of the most controversial issues. Some however argue that women are made to wear Hijab to protect man from the women enchanting beauty.

Is man master to woman?

Islam is not to blame for the position that Muslims take on the issue of women. They have just conformed to their own meanings of the Islam teaching in the manner that it favors them. Some verses in the bible talk about women and portray them as lesser beings compared to men. For example one that says that man was made in charge of a woman. It continues to say that man was made to excel and grow than a woman. The Quran also terms women as the field of men and that they should go to it in whatever manner they please. The people have just taken the meanings that suit them and make them feel superior and used it to create fear so that they have advantage over women.

Is Islam to blame?

While many people will say that they are just following what the Quran says, it will be stupid to believe that miss understanding a message makes you superior. It is the selfish nature of the human being that takes us to where we are. Women are punished by this wrong judgment of men. They have been denied their rights and been made to live a false life. It would be better if they are given the chance to be the unique creature they were created than limiting their lives to a needles hole just to please men ego.


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