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A Glimpse into Dracula

Dracula is the title of a horror novel written in 1897 by Bram Stoker, an Irish author. The novel tells the story of a count from Transylvania in Eastern Europe, specifically Romania, who was said to be a vampire. According to the novel, Dracula decided to relocate from Transylvania to England in order to find new blood and spread the dreadful curse of the living dead. For this purpose, he decided to acquire property in England and contracted an English company to handle the transaction. This company delegated a newly qualified English solicitor called Jonathan Harker to handle the transaction. For the purpose of the transaction, Harker had to visit Count Dracula in his home in the Carpathian Mountains located between the border of Transylvania, Bukovina and Moldavia.

Initially, Harker was impressed by the courteous mannerisms of Dracula but later realized that he had become Dracula’s prisoner. Harker initially did not realize that the Count Dracula was not a normal person but an undead, so when he was admonished by the Count not to wander round the castle he did not take it to mind. He decided to take a stroll round the castle and was confronted by three female vampires called the Sisters who were prevented from destroying him by Count Dracula. As soon as the transaction was sealed, Dracula abandoned Harker in his castle, who barely managed to escape with his life from the Sisters.

The End of the Road for Dracula

In a short while, a Russian ship named Demeter runs aground in Whitby. This ship had earlier laid anchor in Varna. The ship was carrying some strange thing such as silver sand and boxes containing earth from Transylvania. The captain’s log showed that the entire crew disappeared gradually until he was left alone and that a large dog-like animal jumped ashore. Dracula, in a short while, got on the track of Harker’s fiancée and her friend Lucy Westenra. Lucy had rejected marriage proposals from Dr. John Seward and Quincy Morris but accepted that of the Hon. Arthur Holmwood but these all remained friends. Lucy began to pine away mysteriously prompting Seward to invite his old teacher, Abraham Van Helsing to examine her. Van Helsing quickly understood the cause of her ailment but did not reveal it. Lucy and her mum while alone were attacked by a wolf and Mrs. Westenra who had a heart condition died of fright. Reports of strange events began to surface about attacks which Van Helsing understood to be Lucy’s handwork as she had become a vampire. He along with three others succeeded in destroying her by impaling her and filling her mouth with garlic.

Dracula was forced to flee England back to Transylvania when Van Helsing, Seward, Lord Godalming, and Morris succeeded in placing pieces of consecrated host in each of his Transylvania earth boxes. Van Helsing and his companions pursue Dracula to Transylvania and succeeded in destroying both the three sisters and Count Dracula himself, though Quincey dies in the conflict.


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