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5 Descriptive Essay Writing Prompts For High School Students

When your tutors want you to create vivid images of things, places or things, they ask you to write a descriptive essay. A lot of students find it difficult to differentiate between this particular type of paper and narrative essays. In this type of paper, you are required to reveal the meanings of the subject of your paper through detailed observations while in narrative, meanings are revealed through personal stories. Descriptive essays require you to employ the use of all the five human senses of sight, sound, taste, smell and feel. This is a way of bringing the subject of the paper to life before the target readers.

On that note, if at the end of reading your descriptive essay and your target readers are able to have this feeling like they have actually had close contact with the object of the paper or gone to a particular location, then you have successfully nailed it. It is even better if your readers attest to feeling emotionally connected to the object of your paper. If this is the case, then you should be looking forward to amazing scores from your tutor. If you are still contemplating on what to write about in your descriptive paper, the following five prompts will help you get started as soon as possible. They are:

  • The best birthday party you have ever had
  • Your intriguing next-door neighbour
  • Your favourite basketball player
  • Your skiing adventure
  • Your first day in high school

With the topic for your descriptive essay chosen, you should then concentrate on exhibiting the unique qualities or features of the object that you wish to describe. You can add more sparkle to the object by including a description of the objects location. You should also, apart from describing the physical features of the object, show your readers what memories such object evokes. This will help you create the outline for your academic paper, through which you put the features of the chosen place, object or person into logical sequences.

As you write your descriptive essay, closely following the outline, ensure that you carry out the most significant aim of the paper – showing your readers instead of telling them. Yes, you can achieve this aim by involving the five human senses as stated above. Yes, let them taste the meal, smell the flower being described, see the setting sun, hear the romantic song and also, feel the warmth of the hug. In all, your descriptive paper should convey meaning and emotions to the reader.


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