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The Top 20 Most Interesting Argumentative And Persuasive Essay Topics

Both of these types of essays have the same aim: getting the reader on side. The intention of a persuasive essay is to convince the reader that the writer is Right. He or She chooses a side on which to fight: the essay is an opinion piece. On the other hand an argumentative essay’s aim is to get the reader accepting the writer’s version of the truth; the writer chooses the strongest side and uses logical reasons.

The best topic for your work is one that you are passionate about. Newspapers and magazines are filled with controversial articles or perhaps you are livid that the libraries or the community swimming are closing. Even the most laid-back of people have something for which they will fight.

Here are some ideas that might interest you.

  1. Is it worth annoying feminists by politely opening doors for women?
  2. The best strategy for dealing with stress is humor.
  3. Bullying can stimulate a victim’s personal growth.
  4. Everyone should learn Chinese, using it as the universal business language makes sense.
  5. Solve unemployment: make mothers stay at home raising their children. It might lower crime as well.
  6. People are too sensible to be influenced by music lyrics glorifying violence.
  7. With the number of juvenile delinquents, parenting classes should be mandatory.
  8. Crime is against society as a whole so prisoners should automatically lose their voting rights.
  9. Adults who stay at home as caregivers for the elderly or children should receive a “citizen’s salary” for their work.
  10. Slavery is an inevitable consequence of a modern developed society.
  11. English is a living, changing language and Text speech is language evolution in action.
  12. Banning all arranged marriages is imposing Western values on indigenous cultures.
  13. Spanking should be legal in schools. Corporal punishment creates discipline.
  14. In the Information Age, handwriting is a wasted lesson. All children should be taught typing instead.
  15. Returning artifacts to their original country should be a moral obligation for Museums.
  16. First impressions are always wrong.
  17. Is “fighting it out” the best way to keep couples together?
  18. Orwell had it right; English is too complicated it needs simplifying.
  19. Placebos are the best medicine for those patients who keep wasting their doctor’s time.
  20. A one car per family law should be brought in for pollution control.

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