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A List Of Interesting Cause And Effect Essay Topics To Choose From

It is human nature to be curious. Human curiosity is mainly what has ruled all of the discoveries throughout history. Generation after generation we learn things because we are curious, we are hungry for knowledge, and we live to test the consequences of our actions from the moment we are born. As children we often get in to trouble because of curiosity. Since we don't know anything about the world in general, we must investigate and push boundaries to make our brains grow with knowledge, and satisfy the hunger we have for more each day. 

Cause and effect is among the simplest kind of essay writing - we just ask... what if? What happens if we mix different liquids? What happens if we go where we shouldn't go? What is the effect of alcohol consumption on relationships? We are human, and as humans we always want to know more.


Some topics to consider writing about include:

  • The effects of continuous excessive sugar consumption on the human heart. What diseases can be fully blamed on this? 
  • What happens when too many citizens opt out of vaccinations for themselves or their children?
  • How is the constant addition to technology changing our society?
  • What happens to society when the country's economy is in crisis?
  • What happens when someone grows up in an abusive environment? How does this affect a person later in life?
  • Is social media worsening bullying among adolescents? And how does this bulling affects both the bully and the victim later in life?
  • Why do some women seek out abusive relationships?
  • What effect does abortion have on future relationships?
  • What is the effect of stress on health?
  • What is the cause of the increase in patients seeking Chinese medical assistance over traditional Western medicine?
  • What causes people to make the change to a healthier lifestyle?
  • How have the use of Smartphones affected the business world?
  • What was the cause behind the destruction of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001?
  • What causes children to turn against their parents and rebel? What effects does this have on the parent/child relationship?
  • What are the causes of changing fads in hair or fashion?
  • What effects can be attributed to natural phenomena such as tsunamis or El Nino?
  • What were the causes, and the resulting effects of the Great Depression?

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