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A List Of Outstanding Essay Topics For College Seniors

If you want to write a great essay that will impress your college teacher and peers, choose a particularly interesting topic. It doesn’t matter if you know little or nothing on the subject. It is vital that you want to know more. Therefore, before making a final choice, check with your heart: do you like this idea? If you do, your essay will be a hit. Here is a list of outstanding essay topics to be used by college seniors:

  • Classical music for medical purposes: can it really treat?
  • In your essay, explain your understanding of this phenomenon.

  • How do social networks influence the habit of taking photos?
  • Use examples from real life to support your position.

  • Views on graffiti by people of different generations.
  • Explore how elderly people and teens treat it. To your mind, is graffiti a piece of art or an act of vandalism?

  • “American dream”: now and in the past.
  • What did the notion of the “American dream” formerly mean? How is it understood now?

  • Social networking habits: teenagers versus elderly people.
  • Find out if the user’s age affects the style of social networking.

  • Ebola: what is that?
  • In your essay, research on how one can get infected with the virus and how it is currently treated.

  • If boxing is that dangerous, why not forbid this kind of sports?
  • Share your opinion on the issue.

  • Welfare as a solid basis for the unity of family.
  • Do you agree? Do love and mutual respect in families depend on money?

  • My dream house.
  • Describe how you see the ideal place to live. Is it extravagant or modest? Is it ecologically friendly?

  • Digital music: did it change the music industry?
  • How did digital music change the industry and what impact has it had?

  • Social networks for educational purposes: is it possible?
  • Describe how students can be educated by using social media. Is it a promising direction for development?

  • Unschooling: what is understood by this notion?
  • How is this issue generally represented? What is your attitude towards unschooling?

  • Being an adult: what does it mean?
  • Reflect on the notion of “adulthood”. When do we become adults?

  • If both parents work, how does it affect a child?
  • Should children always be with at least one of their parents till the age of 5?

  • Does the body lie?
  • In your essay, investigate how knowledge of body language can help us indicate that a person is lying.

Any issue can be a great topic for your college essay, if you approach it with imagination and creativity.


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