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Gender Roles

Gender roles are both personal and cultural. The use of gender roles regulates how females and males should speak, think, interact and dress within society context. Studying and influencing plays key roles in gender roles shaping. Gender roles are highly entrenched to perceptive frameworks concerning what describes feminine and masculine. Social agents such as teachers, parents, peers, films, music, religion, books and televisions equip and reinforce genders roles to individuals in their entire life. Parents play the greatest role in influencing their children.

Traditional Gender Roles

Sociologists acknowledge that adults treat and perceive male and female infants distinctively. Parents perhaps do this in reaction to the gender expectations in young child. Historically, fathers taught young men on how to construct and fix things whilst mothers taught young women on how to prepare meals, keep house clean and stitch. Young people then received approval from the Parents after they kowtow to the expectations of their gender and adapt to the accepted conventional and cultural roles. Other socializing agents such as media in most cases only reinforced gender roles acquired from parents. Therefore, gender roles are always learnt within the context of the society. The values of gender roles are successfully passed from one generation to another within the similar context of the society.

Gender roles adopted during childhood are usually carried on into adulthood. In a family set up, people have specific presumptions on practices on child rearing, responsibilities on finance and in making decisions. In place of work, people have different views on the labor division, the structure of the organization as well as authority. However, this does not depict that are bad or good but they naturally exist. Almost in life of every person, gender roles are realities.

Gender Roles in Western Culture

In western culture, gender roles have been altering very fast over the last decade. The evolution of the society is the main reason behind the change in gender roles in western culture. The change has seen more women entering the work. For instance, jobs which were previous dominated by men such as construction and security have seen increase in number of women in the field. On the other hand, men have venture into women dominated jobs such as cooking in the recent past. More interesting, women have started dressing up in men’s clothes.

The traditional values of the gender roles taught to the young people have entered a state of unrest in the western society in the near past. The roles of women and men have expanded from the traditional structure enabling individuals to venture into fields formerly dominated by the other gender.


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