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Golden Retrievers

What is so important about golden retrievers that should be known to the society? It is not a secret that these dogs have a canine undisclosed sauce that attracts people to them. They are loveable, irresistible, cute and cuddly. Why Golden Retriever qualifies to be a Golden Retriever?

Golden Retriever is a very friendly dog will all; the kids, elderly individuals, the sick, physically challenged among others. According to American Kennel Club statistics of 2008, this dog is the 4th most popular breed among the dogs.

  1. This breeds is sweet and protective.
  2. Creates a good relation with both adults and also kids, others breeds of dogs and even cat kept as pets.
  3. Children find Golden Retrievers the best pillows while resting, play with it football on land and also in water. As a result of this, parents will be sure that their kids will always be safe.

Golden Retrievers also like travelling and being in the car both for short and long periods. Additionally, they like sailing and are a good company in a boat.

Golden Retrievers do well in field experiments, hunting, and obedience and also offers direction for the build.

  1. This kind of breed dog has high intelligence and readiness attitude hence one of the best breed of dogs in the United States (4th popular).
  2. The Golden Retrievers being a good hunting companion makes it the best assistant for the build to show direction.
  3. It qualifies as a good search and rescue dog in case of a tragic accident. The golden-colored covering is the feature of Golden Retriever. However, it may vary from light to dark gold.

Golden Retrievers is also used for various important functions.

  1. Are used to offer direction for the blind individuals;
  2. Used as sniffer dogs at the airport to detect drugs or bombs;
  3. Used as sniffer dogs in rescue in case of an accident and natural calamities such as earthquakes among others.
  4. They like water and therefore used as in water rescue/lifesaving moves.

The next important thing to note about Golden Retrievers is that they are easy to groom.

Golden Retrievers have a smooth, medium haired body. This is well done by use of a comb and a brush. To ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned, much focus should be put on the densely haired undercoat. The use of dry shampoo when there is a need bring the best results. It is worth to note that Golden Retrievers dogs are an average shedder.

One can also make a decision to breed his or her Golden Retriever though it is challenging.

  1. It is not an easy task since it takes quite some times and a lot of effort. This could be financially rewarding venture since they are highly demanded as family pets.
  2. Golden Retrievers also act as alert dogs.

  3. Could be regarded as the best watchdog for the family. They usually bark for unknown noise and even intruders.
  4. They are able to learn often noises within the apartment and differentiate with unknown ones. They offer an alert and then remain quiet when demanded.

In conclusion, make an attempt to ask a Golden Retriever owner what he or she like about this kind of breed and you will learn that they will always talk about its versatility. Golden Retriever is not only physically beautiful but also has a high intelligence, stamina, patience, friendly among other desirable qualities. Nonetheless, it easily suffers from cancer. Approximately 62% of these dogs die from cancer.


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