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General Instructions On How To Start An Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay is fun. In this type of assignment, you have to take a stance and support it with facts and logics to convince the audience of your stance. It is more like delivering a speech or having an argument with someone on a certain subject. To make it simpler, consider an example where you want to go out with your friends for a week but your parents are not agreeing. You will think of all the possible reasons that you can use to convince them and show them that going on a week vacation is good for you and a sound decision. When presenting your arguments you will try to avoid any thing that goes against you or contradicts the idea of going out for a week like accidents. This is an example of a simple argument; you want to convince your parents to let you go so you will need enough evidence and data to support the idea. The similar case applies to writing your paper but here you have to keep the rules of academic writing in your mind. You must write formally and choose authenticated and valuable facts rather than mere opinions. To know further details about argumentative writing, you should consider the following instructions

  1. Know the subject
  2. The first thing you need to have in order to start your paper is an understanding of the subject you are going to address. You should do some preliminary reading and see what other authors have to say about the subject. For now, do not decide anything but only observe and absorb the subject

  3. Develop your stance
  4. Once you have a clear idea about the subject, go ahead, and develop your stance about it. This means taking a side and it is must in argumentative writing. You should be very clear and definite about the stance you take

  5. Find your evidence
  6. Find the data from authenticated and valid sources that you will use to support your stance. This is important because the audience will not only rely on your opinions but look for evidence

  7. Find your method of development
  8. Decide the method of development you will use for your paper and know whether you will appeal to pathos, logos, or ethos

  9. Know the strengths and weaknesses both
  10. Use a hook in the opening statement

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