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A List Of Cause And Effect Essay Topic Ideas For College Students

Cause and effect essays may be somewhat less common than argumentative, persuasive compare and contrast varieties. This makes them a bit intimidating to some but they need not be. Here are two tips to keep in mind that you can use to choose your own topics:

The cause and effect have to clearly linked

If you aren’t sure that a connection is there or that one aspect leads to another, you should pick another topic. A lack of clear connectivity makes for a weak essay and can lead you to earn much worse grades than you are capable of.

You need to have the time to research adequately

If you have the cause and effect clearly defined, you will need evidence to support your assertions or you will be left with anecdotes alone. This is almost as bad as stating that something causes another when they are in fact unrelated. If a topic requires more research than you have the time to undertake, choose another.

Here are a few topics you can model your own after:

  1. How do diet and exercise lead to lasting and significant weight loss?
  2. In what ways have the increases in carbon emissions from human activities led to climate change?
  3. Urban Neglect: How the failure of the auto industry in Detroit led to its demise
  4. How cramming for exams leads to shallower understanding of academic material
  5. Poisoning the food supply: how over the counter drugs make their way back into the food chain
  6. How education affects the likelihood of children pursuing a life of crime
  7. How the space program has indirectly led to the creation of several industries
  8. Body Image Issues: The link between body dysmorphia and fashion industry
  9. How a modern college education leads to a life of crippling debt
  10. The maintenance of a tight locus of control and its resultant effects on potential
  11. Regular Travel: A means of conquering ignorance and prejudice
  12. How the bottled water industry creates tons of unnecessary plastic waste
  13. How alcoholism leads to or exacerbates domestic violence
  14. Total drug legalization: how an unconventional tactic led to massive reductions of drug abuse in Portugal
  15. Ignorance and Intolerance: How lack of knowledge and exposure to anything can lead to feelings of hostility

You can pick any of these and try them out for practice or come up with your own by blending aspects of them together.


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