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Choosing Winning Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For College Students

Think of how slow a turtle runs on the beach. Now, put him in contrast to a snail and you will feel that the turtle is not that slow after all. Look at a horse running in the farm and then see him competing with others in a race. This comparison, this contrast brings out ecstasy.

Naturally attractive

Compare and contrast essays are naturally attractive; as it is a clear definition of a pattern vis-à-vis other. You may check the two entities on varied parameters and you will find that A may be slower than B but is certainly stronger than B. It is actually an interesting choice of combat.

Judgment of character

You need to have a probing quality and an acute judgment of character to fare well with compare and contrast essays. You cannot be blind towards a virtue or negligent towards a vice. You need to present both entities in their full-fledged form; not an abridged version of their scopes.

A deep comparison

You also need to find ways to actually make a worthy comparison of. Do not just remain on the surface; sink deep. Look at the capacities the entities may reach through the vigor of your essay. Your aim should be to enchant the readers with your writing even as they informed.

Choose relevant topics

While doing compare and contrast essays, it helps if your choice of topic is relevant and more conducive to the modern environment. Comparing the warring styles of Babur and Ibrahim Lodi (India, 1526) will not raise the interest of college students. Think new with your essay.

Here is a list of 15 compare and contrast essays for college students –

  1. Compare and contrast the attacking plans of American Football and Rugby
  2. Compare and contrast the teaching patterns of Oxford and Cambridge Universities
  3. Compare and contrast the rural and urban life
  4. Compare and contrast the difficulties that Math homework and English homework offer
  5. Compare and contrast horse and cat as pets
  6. Compare and contrast whole grain food with processed food
  7. Compare and contrast Republican Government with the Democrat one
  8. Compare and contrast Margaret Thatcher and Indira Gandhi
  9. Compare and contrast China and Cuba’s policies of Communism
  10. Compare and contrast Golf and Chess in regard to their slowness
  11. Compare and contrast Capitalism and Communism
  12. Compare and contrast the vitiation that alcohol brings as opposed to cigarettes
  13. Compare and contrast the developing skills of elocution vis-à-vis group discussion
  14. Compare and contrast the couch potato syndromes of television and computer (Internet)
  15. Compare and contrast the fluidity of writing of Lord Byron with Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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