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How To Write A Conclusion For An Argumentative Essay Guidelines And Examples

An argumentative essay needs to be extremely well structured in order to be successful. Even more, you need to be really careful when you choose the topic because many subjects are not so easy to explore, even less to analyze. The conclusion that you put at the end of your essay can make the difference between a common paper and a really great one. If you need some tips and tricks, we will show you how to create the perfect conclusion.

  • Make sure it is personalized. In other words, do not go with the mainstream idea about a certain topic. The whole purpose of the conclusion is to wrap somehow up all the ideas in the paper and to give them a final touch. Do not try to satisfy everybody or to just make the resume of your paper. The teachers will appreciate if you are original.

  • Do not make it too long. A few lines or a paragraph is more than enough to express the final ideas. Do not make it as another complete part of your paper. Otherwise it will lose the main purpose. Keep it simple, short and clear.

  • Do not copy ideas from the essay. It might be tempting to simply re-write the important ideas of the essay, but this will not bring you any good mark. It needs to have another meaning and to be able to include all the main points of your work, not just the principal one.

  • Include your personal, honest opinion. Make sure to start the paragraph with a few words that will make it obvious that it is your own opinion. Be honest and bring reasons for your opinion. A valid, interesting opinion will surely be admired by your teachers.

  • Search for a relevant quote. Maybe somebody specialized in the topic you are writing about or simply a person that you admire. If you have another perspective in the conclusion, not just your own, it will make your paper seem professional and well-researched.

  • Watch the punctuation. In the end, the conclusion is just as important as any part of your paper. If you are in a hurry to finish, you will make grammar mistakes, or you will use incorrect punctuation. Write it carefully, without missing any step, to make sure that your professors will not have a bad impression at the end of your essay.

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