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A Quick Guide To Compare And Contrast Essay Writing

Writing an essay is one of the most interesting and assigned tasks students receive during their academic careers. Different academic levels require students to write different types of essays including the narrative, argumentative, descriptive, compare and contrast, cause and effect, research paper, process, literature analysis, or evaluation paper. The traditional format for all these assignments stays the same. Every essay starts with an introduction where you present your topic to the readers followed by the body paragraphs. In the body of your paper, you need to show your major arguments and prove them with supporting evidence. The last paragraph is the conclusion where you should summarize the entire paper in one paragraph.

If you are to write a compare and contrast essay, you need to understand the purpose and basic aim of this style of paper. You need to compare different aspects of the same subject or discuss the similarities and differences between two different subjects. This style of paper is easy to write because you need to compare and relate two sides.

The first thing you need is a good topic to begin with. The topic of your paper should be unique and fresh if you want to impress your readers. To be able to choose a valid topic for your paper, you need to determine the approach you will develop towards your paper. Decide whether you want to write about the same subject or compare two different subjects in your paper. Carry out research after you determine the style of the paper. Find a potential niche to address in your assignment. You may choose to write about the advantages and disadvantages of free-range parenting or compare and contrast the free range parenting style with helicopter parenting. Use brainstorming to generate ideas and elimination to analyze the topic ideas for your essay

After you choose a unique and valid topic for your paper, you need to develop your major arguments under this subject. Check the available research material to support your major arguments. You need to have at least two or more points to support one major argument in your paper. This evidence may be logical, factual or statistical

When you have the required data to write an essay, you need to create an outline and structure for your assignments. Use bullets and lists to arrange the data in relevant places in your paper


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