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Tips And Ideas For Writing A Problem Solution Essay On Air Pollution

A problem solution essay is the type of paper where you need to determine a problem first and then find a comprehensive and achievable solution for this problem. This is a good practice because it increases the problem solving skills of the students and polishes their evaluative writing. A student learns to create an effective paper and solve his problems in real life if he develops a habit of problem solving for his assignments.

The structure of this paper stays the same like any other traditional essay where you have to create an introduction to present you topic, a body to define your major arguments and a conclusion for summarizing what you have discussed so far. If you are to create a paper about air pollution then you need to choose a certain problem that you want to talk about. You already have the subject so you do not have to worry about that. You can think of possible causes and aspects of air pollution and make a list of all the ideas that come to your mind. Once you have a complete list of all the possible areas, you can choose the one you like the most to write your paper. This should be something that you have always wanted to talk about so that you have interest in the paper

  1. The introduction of your paper is the first paragraph of your essay. This is the first impression the reader will get from your assignment so you need to make sure it is well composed and effective. You should present your topic for the essay or the problem to address in your introduction in a way that can engage your audience. You can start with a quotation, fact, assertion, anecdote or an argument to develop the interest of your readers in the paper
  2. The thesis statement is the part of your introduction that comes at the end of your first paragraph. You may or may not include a thesis statement in your paper formally but its only purpose is to define the main theme and the focus of your assignment. This can explain the readers what your paper will be about
  3. The body paragraphs are where you give a solution to your readers and explain the evidence for each solution
  4. The conclusion is an extract of your entire paper and comes at the end

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