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How To Write A Great Argumentative Essay Introduction: Tips And Examples

Argumentative essays, which are sometimes called “take a stand” essays or “call to action” essays, are not difficult to write. In fact, if you like structure, you will like an argumentative paper because these are one of the more structured types of papers you will ever write.

Argumentative essays follow a very strict format. This is because all argumentative essays must have a very strong thesis statement that defines your position on an argument. You will also need an introductory paragraph that leads up to that thesis statement. You’ll need solid evidence that backs up your argument and then a paragraph that acknowledges the other side’s chief rebuttal to your argument. You then try to rebut their argument against yours. Then you write your closing paragraph.

So, the structure of this type of writing follows the following structure:

  1. An introductory paragraph that draws in your reader and is engaging and extremely interesting.
  2. A strong thesis statement which clearly states your argument
  3. Body paragraphs with evidence that backs up your argument. If it is a research paper, then these will have to be cited in proper format, typically APA or MLA (see the free Purdue Online Writing Lab for help with this)
  4. A few sentences in which you acknowledge the other side or a paragraph if their side is complicated
  5. Rebut the other side in a few sentences.
  6. Closing paragraph

If you are confused about what it means to acknowledge the other side and then rebut it then here is an example of how to do that.

Example: Of course, some detractors say that the ozone layer is not to blame for our consistently rising temperatures. They say that . . .

However, scientific research shows that, in fact, this is not true. Ozone gasses really are to blame for . . . . As Smith notes, “The ozone layer is to blame for global warming. . . “

That’s the way you do that. All argumentative papers do this. You cannot just argue your side and never acknowledge what detractors do.

Another great thing about writing argumentative papers is that it makes closing paragraphs very easy to write. A great trick is to bring your essay into the very present moment of your writing. For example, find out what has been said this day, this week, or this month about global warming and launch into your paragraph by discussing something new.


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