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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can affect anyone. As people experience the unpredictable events of life, there is chance that some of them will hit hard. Traumatic events such as death, accidents and crime cannot be forgotten easily. In actual sense, many people do not know how to deal with some of these events by seeking for help early enough. As a result, they will experience PTSD at some point in life. The symptoms of such a condition are not easy to live with, both for the affected person and the people living with them. As the sick individual expresses feelings of anger, fear and frustration, the people living with them will feel helpless and even overwhelmed. Therefore, it is important that everyone gets information on how to help someone with PTSD.

PSTD can easily affect relationships amongst friends and family members. More often than not, it is very difficult to understand the sick person. The once quiet and loving person can become violent and selfish due to the condition. Even more, they may want to spend more time alone and hence disengage from every activity that created a good bond between family members and friends. Sometimes, living around the sick person makes one feel as though they are living with a stranger because they have to be very careful about what they do and say around them. Further, the sick person may lose their jobs and become a heavy burden, financially, to a family. They could even develop some wrong habits such as drug and substance abuse. In the end, living with the sick person can be very difficult.

Most people tend to take the symptoms of PSTD personally. If the sick person is irritable and moody, an individual living with them may feel as though they have caused it. It is even possible to get angry at the sick person because of their irrational behaviors. Yet, the sick persons may not be in full control of their behavior at all times. Still, even in amidst of all these changes, the sick person should be supported in every way possible. They should not only be encouraged to see professionals, but they should also be assured of 100% love and care during their healing process. Essentially, they should be made to know that they are not alone in their pain. Therefore, it is clear that everyone should be equipped with skills on how to handle people suffering from PTSD.


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