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Essay Help Online: How To Create An Impressive Paper In 7 Steps

Every student faces an essay at one point in their academic career. Papers start out easy but after a while they become more and more complicated and students often turn to various sources for advice on how to write an impressive essay. It might not always be easy but learning a few simple steps can help you write an impressive essay that your teacher will love every time. Below are seven simple steps on how to create an impressive paper.

7 steps to an impressive paper

  1. The first step may seem like a no-brainer but in reality it can help a lot. You need to identify what kind of paper it is, length, quality wanted, the amount of sources wanted if research based, when it is due and the subject. By laying these out in front of you at the very beginning, you can keep the process going quickly and get a good paper out of it. Once you have identified all of the above, the first thing to think about and the first step is time management. If you have a ten-page research paper due in a month, it is probably better to start now. Create a schedule for when you will work on it and what you will be working on. By creating a plan early, you can give yourself a chance to write an impressive essay and get it done before it is due, so editing time is available.
  2. After you have created your schedule, the next step is to identify what exactly the paper is about. If it is a book report then read the book in about a week. It gives you time to get through it at your own pace and make notes but also does not take up so much time that you are rushed to do the writing part of it. Once you have read the book you can look at the notes you have taken and identify what the paper will be about exactly, you can determine the thesis. If you have a research paper, give yourself a few days to think of the thesis, do research on things you want to write about. When you find something, you can easily research and write about the use that as your thesis. No matter what kind of paper you are writing if you identify your thesis early it makes it all the easier to write the actual paper.
  3. Once you have your thesis, the next part is the information, the gathering and organization of it. If you have sources that you need to cite, create a citation page early on and put the sources and their citations on there so the bibliography is already done, and you have all of your sources tucked away for future access. Once you have that done, the next thing to do is flashcards, by writing down the information you wish to use on flashcards whether physical or online you have the information in front of you in an organized manner that makes it easy to look at them when outlining.
  4. The next step is the hard part, the outlining. Once you have your timeline written out, and your thesis identified the next thing to work on is an outline, yes you can write your essay without one but by writing an outline it is easier on you. By writing the outline and making it detailed, you give yourself a chance to organize the information you have, and you can use it to its full potential instead of just trying to cram things in. It also makes it easier because once you have an outline you can pretty much together the outline and have an essay.
  5. Once you have an outline, the next thing to do is to make sure you have met the requirements so far such as, will this fit the length you need, have you used enough quotes, can you cite the information you used, and other such things. By taking the time to read through your outline and make sure you have all you need it will make the writing process easier because you know you can produce what you need without constant worrying about whether or not it will be enough.
  6. The sixth step is the writing part. It takes the longest so give yourself time to write at a pace that gets it done quickly but does not cause yourself too much stress and allows you to not experience writer’s block. Give yourself a week to write on it that you do not take too long but you also do not pressure yourself into just shoving words onto the page.
  7. Once you are done writing the paper the last thing to do is editing, there are many ways you can check it for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Microsoft word itself has a grammar and spelling check to help you out, and there are a few different websites out there that can check your paper over for you. If your teacher is willing to check first drafts and give you an opinion that is always a good option too. Since they are the ones grading it they can give you the best advice on what to fix.

Essays are never the easiest things but by using the seven simple steps above you can get the impressive paper you need and one your teacher will love.


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