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A List Of Good Essay Topics On Social Issues

Social studies may be considered a boring topic by many and for the most part, it is. However, if you look at it from a different angle, it can be quite interesting, for example, it deals with the rise and fall of powers of great nations in the past and at present. Should you possess such aspirations, you can follow the philosophies and exploits of these great individuals and possibly emulate them to improve your position in life. When choosing an essay topic, one must be certain to pick one that they are familiar with or have access to a lot of information on, this is important, you can spend valuable time attempting a topic that you will have to give up on. The following is a selection of good essay topics on social studies for your consideration:

  1. Why it is often impossible for one party involved in an abusive relationship to leave.
  2. What are human rights and why they should be the same for all people but isn’t.
  3. How the images portrayed by popular entertainment icons affect my ability to successfully acquire a date as a teenager.
  4. The ways gender discrimination can affect our daily lives that we are not aware of.
  5. The issue of obesity as a problem caused by irresponsible businesses and not because of an individual’s poor eating habits.
  6. How the ability to acquire a vehicle during teenage years can affect a person’s chances of success at life and relationships.
  7. Why my parents are the most important people to me
  8. A description of my experiences observing the daily practices of citizens living in a third world country.
  9. The effects of pet ownership on people suffering from depression and other emotional disorders.
  10. Why being a lawyer is not an acceptable career choice.
  11. Proof that homophobic behavior is an acquired trait and not one that exists naturally because of the immorality of homosexual acts.
  12. The symbiotic relationship between the wealthy and poor individuals of every society.
  13. The human need for companionship as a major deciding factor of our ability to colonize extra planetary bodies.
  14. A description of the parental relationship and reason why it is the strongest relationship possible between two individuals.
  15. How stereotyping practices can affect justice and why measures should be taken to eliminate this trait in law enforcement officers.
  16. The relationship between physical beauty and attraction between members of the opposite sex.

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