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Important Things To Consider Before You Hire Essay Writer

Before you hire essay writer to write your custom paper, essay paper, or research paper, you have to examine and investigate the kind of caliber the essay writer possesses. Many online paper writers pretend to be professional essay writers, when in reality they are not. It is commonplace observation that majority of essay agencies have hired and contracted with online writers who offer substandard and poor quality work.


Firstly, the writer to be hired should be a seasoned professional academic with substantial years of combined writing, researching, editing, and proofreading. Some online writers have advanced skills, and some even cover every academic field ranging from art, religion, cultural studies, geography, medicine, chemistry, life sciences, philosophy, social sciences, history, economics, and finance. You should look for the writer’s academic portfolio and their merit, based on their CV with the company.

Meeting Deadlines

Based on the testimonials provided by other previous customers about this writer’s submission time, you will be able to know if such a writer will honor deadlines and deliver the work in good time.

Is Quality Guaranteed?

The writer in question should be the one that has the capability to provide outstanding quality which the customer desires. So, you should be able to request some of the previous samples written by the writer, and then do a match. A good writer’s work should flow naturally.

Plagiarism Issue

As the writer, get to know how he/she intends to produce a plagiarism-free paper within the shortest frame given. Get to know some of the online sources and libraries the writer is conversant with. If the writer uses cheap academic sources that are not credible, you are wasting time with that writer. Don’t hire him! Ask the writer how he manages to check for plagiarism, and the kind of plagiarism software he uses. All the assignments produced by the writer should be originally produced and free of plagiarism. On behalf of the writer, the online company should assure you that all assignments will be tested in plagiarism-software detection tool, via a secure website. You have a right to be given or sent an originality report with each completed assignment, especially through Copyscape.


Always seek to find a writer who is not money-minded, meaning, who charges a lot of money yet produces least work. Go for a writer who is interested in satisfying customers’ demands by providing quality work and not necessarily being paid a lot of money. The essays should be cheap, but quality ones. Always see if you can get help online.


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