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Fifteen Good Argumentative Essay Topics About Unemployment

Are you searching for an argumentative essay topic on unemployment, but cannot find one that you can relate to? By selecting a topic that you can in some way draw from personal experience, you’ll have an emotional connection to the essay. That in turn will allow you to write with a higher level of enthusiasm, and possibly land you a better grade.

Look At The News

When writing about unemployment it’s a good idea to look at what the current news is saying about unemployment rates. If unemployment is rising then it makes sense to write on a topic on why it might be rising. Whereas, a more positive topic can be chosen if unemployment is on the decrease. By staying in touch with the current unemployment issues, the person marking the paper might give you added marks – or at the very least it will make your essay seem more interesting.

15 Interesting Titles

To help you come up with a topic on unemployment take a look at the following 15 possible titles:

  1. To decrease the unemployment rate the entry standards into universities should also be decreased
  2. The government is the only party to blame when the unemployment rate rises
  3. To decrease unemployment rates people should move cities to find jobs
  4. The minimum wage should be decreased so that employers can employ more people
  5. Can the unemployment rate be decreased by offering people free educational evening courses?
  6. How much help should people in unemployment be given?
  7. No benefits should be given for those who are unemployed
  8. What steps should society take so that less people are unemployed
  9. Is it acceptable for an individual to be unemployed for longer than a year?
  10. How much help should be given to those who are unemployed because of a disability?
  11. How can the government create jobs to reduce unemployment?
  12. What laws can the government pass to reduce the rate of unemployment?
  13. How can young adults be encouraged to look for work?
  14. What role do parents play in ensuring their sons/daughters start work as soon as possible
  15. What rate of unemployment is acceptable?

These are just some argumentative unemployment essay topics. You will discover many more if you just think about how unemployment has affected your own life, or that of your family.


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