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How To Get An Example Of A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Using Ethos, Pathos And Logos

Writing has its own rules, regulations and limitations. You need to go with the flow and understand the demands of the piece you have in hand. You cannot write a novel in the same fashion as a journal article; or an official letter in the same mold as a narrative essay.

A creative response

Now, when you consider rhetorical analysis essays, you understand that it is a response to an original piece of work. You need to absorb the underlying emotions of the piece; the jubilation and pathos; the structure and ethos. In today’s times, you may even have to refer to logos.

If you wish to gain a better understanding of the matter, you may try this company website and get the gift of wonderfully crafted samples. Meanwhile, here is where you may get suitable examples –

  • Newspapers – They are known to review and critique smart original pieces. Some of the reviews are rhetorical analyses and you just have to tweak them into essay form to get the drift. In time, you will develop the eye for the better ones.
  • College archives – Students keep getting these pieces where they chart brilliant works of merit. You have to patiently dig them and pick the ones that suit your requirements. You should also choose those pieces which fall well with your tastes and your writing style.
  • Essay sites – The prominent essay sites make sure they have a credible collection of all types of essays; and that includes the rhetorical analysis pieces. They also choose responses to multi-layered quotients; not mundane works of old. Moreover, these pieces are all well-documented and proofread.
  • Reference books – There are quality books that contain startling essays on different fronts; you may check in the review and analysis section and you may find what you need in various shapes. You will gain how to write them and how to evoke the feelings and pathos of these pieces, when you set out to write them.
  • Discussions with learned people – When you hold discussions with learned people in the neighborhood, you not only gain greater clarity in the matter; you may also wake up wiser on where to get smart examples. You can also talk about the same on educational forums online and with your classmates.

Remember to treat the essays with sincerity and poignancy; it is not your everyday coffee which you may even have with a pinch of salt, figuratively speaking.


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