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A Good Way To Start An Exploratory Essay: How To Begin Your Paper With A Quote

Exploratory papers are some of the most challenging of all essay types dealt with by high-school and college students. Such papers revolve around specific questions, be it content-focused or rhetorical questions. These papers are given to students so that they can enrich their knowledge bank as well as that of the readers. A good way to start a composition of this type is to starting it with a quote and then explaining it. Here are some tips on how to start it with a quote and then expanding upon it.

Why to use a quote to begin with?

Quotes from famous persons that are related to the topic instantly take academic dissertations to a different level. It will create a good first impression that will last till your essay comes to a close. Choosing a good quote is essential and understanding its true meaning is even more important. Try and get quotes from famous people. The online quote banks come handy in this regard. After quoting some famous person, explain it and gradually steer towards the main topic.

How to write the introduction?

You need to define the topic in the introduction paragraph only. The quote you use is again the key to create an interest in your essay. Many students also prefer to use unknown facts or questions to make the start intriguing. Keep in mind that the introduction is your one sweet chance to generate interest about your essay. The introduction will serve as the bedrock to the entire essay.

How to use quotes?

It is always an imperative to use controversial or thoughtful quotes at the beginning. For political science and sociology students, getting a good quote for making the introduction is quite easy. Students of other disciplines can just travel to and fro their college libraries and search online for good quotes that can be expanded upon. Always search for depth and nuances while searching for quotes online. These quotes can easily be expanded upon and you will never have to keep searching for words.

To conclude, good quotes can serve as the perfect introduction to exploratory papers and these quotes can make it easier for you to explore the topic. Moreover, good quotes show that you are someone who takes interest in things outside textbooks. Examiners tend to test the knowledge of the students and quotes are a good way to state that you are a person with multi-disciplinary knowledge.


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