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Creating An Essay About How To Improve Your Reading Skills

If you are passionate about reading, you have a bright future ahead of you. There are many studies that show that people who read more have happy lives, as well as more success in their careers. Of course, it is also important to know how to write a good essay because education represents a very important part from your life. To combine these two, you can write a composition that will help your classmates improve their reading skills. Introduce these points in your text:

  • How did you start reading? There are only a few students who started reading when they were little. Most of them discovered their passion for books around high school, when someone presented them a very interesting book to read. You can share this part of your life in the introduction and encourage your colleagues to do the same thing.
  • How fast could you read in the beginning? What about now? Naturally, the more you read the more you get used to this. It is important to be able to read fast, especially during high school when you will have to finish a few books before the end of the semester. How did you learn to read faster and how many pages can you finish now in one day?
  • A dictionary is very important, and your classmates should know this. Having good reading skills means more than just reading fast; it also means that you completely understand what you read and you pronounce the words in perfect way. It is impossible to do this if you don’t have a good vocabulary. Every time someone finds a new word in a text, he must not pass it. He needs to find the word in the dictionary and learn the meaning. Also, it is important to know how you can use this word in a sentence in order to understand its value.
  • Recommend some books. These don’t have to be your favorite pieces of literature, but texts that can really help others evolve. For sure you came across various manuals in your lifetime, and you can talk about the most useful ones. In the end, your essay is only a few pages long and you can not write in it all the tips that your classmates need. If you want, you can introduce some references to make them more interested in these manuals.

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