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A List Of Suggestions For Creating A Proper Thesis Statement On High School Vs. College

There is more to compare with high school and college than you could imagine. You will have a plethora of ideas from which to construct your thesis statement. As you proceed with this writing consider discussing going to one of these arenas:

Ideas to Discuss

  • Rooming-going from your home to a dorm can be a big change. You may have at least one roommate and may have to share a bathroom with several people. You may not like your roommate. A sample sentence might be: Moving from your home to a college dormitory can be intrusive, lonely, and foreign to a person who has never lived away from home.
  • Food-you may not realize you are a picky eater until you go away to college and are required to be on the campus food plan. Your thesis may look like this: Students should be allowed to be exempt from food plans because of allergies, nutritional concerns, and food preferences.
  • Parents-leaving your parents can be difficult for both the students and the parents. This separation would make for an interesting paper. The sentence may read: Leaving your parents for college helps you to mature, to appreciate your parents, and to make your own path and choices.
  • Difficulty-college courses will be more difficult than high school classes. A sentence for that might be: College courses will push students to work on their own, to learn to be independent, and to perfect study skills.
  • New Friends-when you leave your high school friends, you can be lonely at first. There will, however, be new friends and acquaintances. A sample might read: Going to college will help you to appreciate your high school friends, force you to be social, and add new friends to your world.
  • One of Many-if you are used to everyone knowing your name in high school, you could be in for a surprise at college. You will be one of many fish in the pond. Your statement might read: Going to college will teach you to be independent, to speak for yourself, and to make a name for yourself.

There are many other topics you could write about in your high school vs. college paper. The two systems are so different, yet oddly similar. And of course, college would not exist without high school. Use our tips as you begin this assignment.


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