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What Your Cause And Effect Essay Should Include: A Writing Guide

The creation of any good essay requires work, even if you are a star student with many other well written papers under your belt. This amount of wok can be intimidating at first but that does not need to be the case. As with most ventures you will attempt, there are resources like this article which can help. Here is a brief guide that you can use to write a better cause and effect essay. Make sure that you have all of the following:

  • A definition of the phenomena you think is being caused
  • If, for instance, you decide to base your paper on the link between abstinence only education and higher rates of teenage pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted illnesses, you will need to be very clear on what abstinence is. This especially relates to how it is taught in the types of schools that you are considering.

  • A clear concept of what you think has resulted in the phenomena
  • Just as you defined abstinence you will need to define both teenage pregnancy and STIs. This may seem straightforward but some people would exclude 18 year old's from such statistics because they are legally adults. Others would include them for being, mathematically in their teenage years still.

  • Evidence that backs up your claims
  • All of the rhetoric in the world means precious little if you cannot prove that your claims are accurate. This requires actual research and access to statistics that have been compiles, preferably in more than one location over a period of time.

  • A possible alternative theory
  • If your link is strong enough it can stand up to argument. This is a great way to see if you have come to the wrong conclusion. Think of other reasons that the initial phenomena may have occurred. Was there an increase in pornography usage? How about a pregnancy pact inspired by a particular television show. Either of these might be responsible.

  • Reasons that the alternative is false
  • While it helps to include an alternative, your essay would fall flat if it was too strong compared with your initial theory. You will need to engage in additional research to show why that alternative is a poor one.

By following these suggestions to the best of your ability you will create for yourself a much stronger argument for the two things you suggested having a causal relationship.


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