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Philosophy Of Education And Teaching

The philosophy of education and teaching varies from one person to the other. However, it seeks to realize a particular goal in life. It may refer to either the academic area concerned with applied psychology or one of the many educational philosophies that enhance certain visions about education aimed at examining the definition, meaning and goals of education. People can have their personal goals for teaching but most importantly, it should not be found to go against the basic requirements of effective learning. One of the common held philosophies is an objective of challenging students on academic grounds and guiding them through as they grow to realize their dreams and aspirations using their potential.

Teaching and education aims at taking students to various levels and developing their skills with an aim of making better and responsible people. Ideally, education and teaching should not be focused on an individual alone. It is important to make the learner understand that what is being learnt will be applied in a corporate setting. In that sense, group work is normally essential in having an effective class that will produce individuals that will match well with the needs of the society. The value added through group work cannot be emphasized. Here, people learn how to interact with others and relate in a positive way that will help them achieve both personal and corporate goals.

Learning should be aimed at a collaborative atmosphere for the learners where they can learn from one another. This changes every person and transforms the approach by every student. It is very important to create freedom in the class for everyone to express themselves freely without any reserve. The objective is to make students increase their creativity and expression. An experience that connects students to the outside is what they need to make the very best out of what they do. The teaching process should be able to bring out the dislikes and likes of learners, helping them realize what they are good at and what would be considered as their weakness.

The philosophy of education and learning is a multifaceted approach to learning that has overlapping goals and objectives. Despite the differences, the aim is to produce people who are independent in terms of thinking and making decisions that will not only affect them but also other people. It is therefore important to embed any approach to learning on such grounds if it were to be successful.


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