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The Top 15 Topics For Persuasive Essays: Ideas For College Students

Sometimes, the most difficult part of creating a persuasive essay is just coming up with something to write about! There are, however, so many unique and interesting topics out there that you can argue for or against - using real-world examples - that there is no longer any excuse to struggle. Below are the top 15 topics for persuasive essays for college students.

  1. Fox hunting is wrong and should be banned.
  2. Is hunting wrong when we hunt for food or fur for warmth? Is it alright if we do it for sport? Where do we draw the line?

  3. Education should be free.
  4. Is education a universal right of all humans, or should we pay for it like we would any other service?

  5. You should take parenting classes before having children.
  6. Does parenting just come naturally? Or should we teach lessons to soon-to-be mums and dads?

  7. Should we change the age of consent?
  8. All over the world there are different ages of consent. Which is the right one?

  9. Voting should be mandatory.
  10. Should we be forced to vote, like countries such as Australia? Or should we have the power to choose?

  11. Should we have to be organ donors?
  12. Should we be able to force people to donate their organs if they didn’t want to or if their next of kin doesn’t want them to?

  13. Smokers should pay extra for health care.
  14. Some countries have universal health care. Should other people pay to keep smokers alive?

  15. Marijuana should be legalised.
  16. In some countries, marijuana is not legal. Should it be? Why?

  17. Should people who abuse animals be imprisoned?
  18. People who hit children or abuse them in other ways are imprisoned. Why not people who abuse creatures that are equally vulnerable?

  19. Should we cut defence spending?
  20. Countries such as Britain and America spend a lot of money on ‘defence’. Should we cut the amount? Should we increase it?

  21. Fast food chains shouldn’t be allowed to advertise.
  22. Is it advertisements that are making people fat or would people visit fast food chains anyway?

  23. Children under 16 shouldn’t be allowed smartphones.
  24. With access to the internet, children are getting themselves into trouble. Would that stop if we took away smart phones?

  25. You should have to wait until 20 to learn to drive.
  26. Young drivers cause many accidents.

  27. Bullies’ parents should pay fines.
  28. Is it the parents’ fault or their children’s? Should someone pay?

  29. Kids should have less homework.
  30. Do kids need to be able to play and have fun or should they be learning?


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