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Choosing Interesting Topics For A Descriptive Essay

Your homework is to write a descriptive essay, but you can’t decide on a topic. You know that it should be about an event, a place, or a thing, but you can't decide on a topic. You want to choose a topic that is interesting to you but is also appropriate for school. Here are some tips and ideas for choosing interesting topics for a descriptive essay.

  1. Pick a topic
  2. Descriptive essay topics are everywhere around you. Yours will be easy to write if you choose something that is familiar and important to you. Here are some general topics you can start with. Pick one that reminds you immediately of a strong memory or feeling you have.

    • Someone You Admire
    • A Place that is Important
    • A Memorable Event
    • An Object that is precious to you
    • Your Favorite Season
  3. Think about why you want to describe that topic and what you want to convey about it. Why is it important to you? How is it important? Did it change you? Knowing why you have chosen your topic will help you decide what to focus your essay on. For instance, I might choose my cat because he keeps me company when no one else is home. Or, I might choose my paintbrush because I can create anything I want with it.
  4. Choose vivid sights, smells, tastes, sounds, or textures to describe. Try to pick some that relate to why you chose your topic. I chose my cat because he comforts me when I’m alone so I will choose a few comforting things about my cat to describe and leave out anything else. For example: My cat’s quiet purr is reassuring, he nuzzles his forehead firmly against mine, the tip of his tail points sideways and wiggles when I walk in the door, his fur feels warm and soft in my lap.
  5. Decide how you want to structure your essay. You could structure it as a story with a beginning, middle and end. Or you could start with a general description then get more specific. I decided to structure mine like a story. I will start with my cat greeting me at the door and describe how his tail wiggles and how he weaves between my feet as I cross the room to put down my keys. Then I will describe how he jumps up in my lap, nuzzles my forehead and falls asleep in my lap. Finally, I will describe how I know my sister is home because he jumps up to greet my sister at the door before I hear her keys in the lock.

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