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Taking A Stand: A List Of Unique Topic Ideas For Your Next Essay

An essay "is a blend between art and science", its power and difficulty, lies in this double essence.

Contrary to what happened in the past, at present there is no way specific writing essays, it depends on the objective sought, the subject which will develop, information that are available, the extent and depth that is desired, etc. This flexibility allows the essayist make a written, that although comes from an investigation, it can manifest in a very personal style, expressing not just what you know, but what you feel and think about the issue.

Before writing your essay, you must research about the topic. But of course, you need to choose you theme! Here is a list of unique topic ideas for your next essay:

  • Is Homework any good?
  • Why Social Security is over
  • Tap Water can be as good as bottled water
  • Exercise: Why walk -and not run
  • One World - A Single Currency
  • Why Progressive Taxation is Not A Fair System
  • Why Eat Healthy Foods


If you want to write an academic essay, you should better have in mind the following highlights:

  • Before submitting your essay, leave the text for a moment and then revise it again to see if there are errors in spelling or grammar
  • Use sentences of between 21 and 30 words that include three to six sentences
  • An essay is written in simple and short prose that arises from a series of reflections on a given topic. Its aim is to present a specific viewpoint on a timely subject and has given structure must respect.
  • Furthermore, it should not be too large, it is advisable to work it not include passive verbs, have no cliches or spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Before writing the first line you should study on the subject to study and other extras that can complement your focus of analysis. For this, browse through various websites and take notes of what you learn, even from the sources so that if you then want to re-check the information you can do.
  • Make a list of important points. As you investigate about it, do yourself a tap with the most important topics and arrange them. That way, you can then more easily define the structure of your essay.
  • Structure. Once you count on your notes, define the structure of your text. The idea is to have an introduction, a middle and finally a conclusion.
  • In the first paragraph it is advisable to enter the central theme. For this, never lose sight that you should ignore the stiffness and remember that what you pretend to transmit with your lines, always keeping in mind that you have to generate a conversation with the reader. Then, you should continue with the proceedings.

Here you will have to give account of any evidence or information necessary to enable you finally reach a conclusion. They must be clear and be understood by the reader in its completeness. And finally, the findings described. This block will be linked to aspects of the text that allow you to find the conclusion. Here you will not have time to introduce new points to consider. Enough said, choose one of the previously suggested topics and game on!


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