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Comparative Essay Topics In Politics – 15 Powerful Suggestions

Writing a comparison essay is a fun task. It is relatively easier than other forms of essay writing because you have two sides, ideas, things, objects or topics to compare. You can easily make a list of similarities and differences between any two given objects or compare the advantages and disadvantages of some particular idea or thing. It is a lot easier than having to choose an argumentative topic, develop your major arguments with logic, find relevant evidence to support your stance and convince your readers of your ideas. In a comparative essay, you do not have to convince anyone of your opinions. You only need to throw light on the aspects you mentioned in your topic.

If you are to write a paper about politics, then you must have some interest in the subject. If you are least interested in politicians, political parties, agendas and policies then you will find it extremely hard to compose your paper. To make it simple, you can choose to write about your local state and politics because you have enough knowledge about it. If you have had a favorite leader who was a politician, you can talk about their life and critical decisions they made. You need to think of something that will interest you and your teacher both. It is not necessary that you have all the information in advance; you just need to have the passion. You can collect this information from the internet, library, government records and other sources.

If you are having a hard time in choosing the right topic for your essay in politics, you can consider the following ideas as an inspiration. Remember that these are only sample suggestions and you need to think of your own topic for your paper.

  1. The assassination of John F. Kennedy as a major setback in US politics
  2. Civil rights movement and its founders
  3. Political blunders made by George W. Bush during his career
  4. The effective personal traits of Mr. Bill Clinton that impressed his fellow men
  5. Abraham Lincoln and the political structure of America at that time
  6. Is democracy the best political structure or is it better to have the royal system
  7. Sending the convicts to Australian lands from a political perspective
  8. The Indo-Pak division as a global political decision
  9. The rule of Britain in the sub-continent
  10. War on terror
  11. Funding Islamic democracies
  12. Vietnam
  13. War on Iraq
  14. The 9/11
  15. Obama health care

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