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Writing A 200-Word Descriptive Essay: Tricks And Ideas

When you read a story or even a news article, it doesn’t at all sound like a set of information. Rather you put yourself in the writer’s or the protagonist’s place and experience it. This type of writing is called descriptive writing.

Similarly when you read a descriptive essay you will find that it has been composed using the most suitable words or phrases so that you can experience what the writer is writing about through those words and phrases. Thus in a descriptive form of essay, you need to make the readers feel and experience that what you are writing about so that they can establish a direct connection with your writing.

For a novice writing a short descriptive essay of only 200 words can be quite a challenge. It is a common tendency to make descriptive writings lengthy. But to make it concise and within a certain word limit is a tough job. It is always easy to explain or describe things using long sentences, but it takes real calibre to say the exact things using only a few words. Even though it can be pretty difficult but not impossible at the same time.

Tips on how to write a 200 word descriptive essay

  • In order to write a descriptive essay you must engage your all five senses and describe your feelings. But use as less number of words as possible to describe the feeling.
  • Use a short yet catchy introduction that would get the attention of the readers right away, without too much beating about the bush.
  • Get to the point as early in the essay as possible since if you concentrate only on how to make the article flowery you would not find enough scope to describe your subject later on in the essay.
  • You can use witty metaphors to describe a situation, or provide a crisp elucidation of a particular structure that forms a crucial part of the subject you are writing on. The aim is to make the readers experience and feel rather than just simply read it.
  • Decide on the most important points that you want to include in your writing and make sure you have allotted all those enough space in your 200 word writing. This keeps you from drifting away with other unnecessary descriptions.
  • Do not use more than 25- 30 words for the introduction and conclusion parts of the writing.

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