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A Collection Of 20 Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

College level essay writing is more in depth than anything required in high school. A good foundation in high school will be helpful but the level of analysis required here will be a bit difficult for many students to transition into seamlessly. While narrative essays and even descriptive ones can be done off the cuff by someone with a good vocabulary and a vivid imagination, argumentative essays need the following:

    A good grasp of the subject being discussed An ability to objectively describe the topic A clear, factual approach to the writing devoid of literary gimmicks Just a touch of imagination to make the whole thing interesting

These can all be cultivated by writing frequently. To this end, here is a list of some great argumentative essay topics that you can try out by US essay writers .

  1. Can ignorance truly lead to bliss?
  2. Has greater access to knowledge led to the promotion of ignorance?
  3. Can the consumption of insect based protein solve world hunger?
  4. Should parents of super morbidly obese children be charged with child abuse?
  5. Should intelligent animals be afforded the same rights as humans?
  6. Should the use of illegal drugs be punishable with jail time?
  7. Should corrupt politicians be forced to answer to the public in person?
  8. Is it unnatural to make a plant illegal?
  9. Do child actors have a higher rate of insanity as adults than the rest of the population?
  10. Should the fashion industry be forced to alter its production methods until fair wages are paid to all workers?
  11. Is sexual orientation more flexible than we realise?
  12. Should all animal testing be banned?
  13. Can discrimination on the basis of race, ability level, gender and sexual orientation ever be completely eradicated?
  14. Should people who consciously violate the rights of other without breaking laws be subjected to vigilante justice?
  15. Can communism be more effective than capitalism as a means of resource distribution?
  16. Should housing be free?
  17. Should more women be 3encouraged to date younger men?
  18. Should funding for driverless cars be diverted into the creation of more comprehensive mass transit systems?
  19. Should more attention be paid to the modern slave trade or environmental degradation?
  20. Does the media perpetuate unrealistic expectations of the process of aging?

These topics come in all different flavours so that writers of all descriptions can find something they can use.


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