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Writing Tips For Students: What Should Every Essay Begin With?

An introduction is the part of your essay that most people will read. Whether they go further will depend on how good you are with writing that first paragraph. It’s not easy to create a catchy introduction, so you should study some examples in order to get a few ideas.

Hopefully, the following tips will help you create an introductory paragraph that you can be proud of:

  • Start your introduction with providing background information.
  • First of all, you need to make sure that your readers know exactly what the paper is all about. Provide some background information about the subject so people can understand why this topic is worth their interest.

  • Offer a short glimpse of the essay.
  • It’s advised to include a short summary of the paper in the introduction. However, summary isn’t the best word to use here. If you just list all the most important facts in this section, people won’t need to read the actual paper. Therefore, you need to choose what you include really carefully. Offer enough information to give the readers some idea of what to expect, but do this in a manner that will leave them willing to learn the rest.

  • Get the readers “hooked”.
  • There should be something special about your introduction. An attention grabber that will intrigue the person reading it. This might be a quote, sensational fact, important piece of statistics, or even a joke. Choose the best option depending on the type of essay you write.

  • Present the problem: a thesis statement.
  • Every academic paper must focus on some problem that needs to be solved. Therefore, every piece of academic writing is educational in some way. Even if you write a narration about some personal experience, you need to explain what the importance of this particular experience is and what your readers can learn from it. The sentence, which introduces the main issue and your ultimate solution to it is your thesis statement. In essence, it will be the core of your whole essay, as the body of the paper will be used to prove that this statement is correct by providing arguments and evidence to support your claim.

  • Keep your intro short.
  • It’s very important to stop yourself from giving away too much information and boring the readers with unnecessary details. Therefore, your introduction must be short and to the point. Do not forget that the purpose of this paragraph is to catch the attention of the audience, not to provide a condensed report about your research.


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