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Effective Strategies For Composing An Essay On Education In U.S.

For children, it is vital to have a good education from the first years of life. In this way they can grow up and be successful adults, as well as follow their dreams and build healthy relationships with other people. One of the best educational systems in the world is in the U.S, so writing an essay on this should not be such a struggle. On the other hand, you have to take into consideration some ideas when you write. Here’s the best strategy for you:

  • Start with a short introduction and general information. In the introduction you will have to say why you chose to talk about this subject, and how are you planning to gather your information. At the same time, you should give some general information about the educational system in U.S. For example, you can say how many schools were in US a few hundred years ago, and how they evolved and become what they are today.
  • Make a comparison. It does not matter if you are from US or not; you can easily compare two different educational systems. This will help the readers understand properly what you want to express, as well as imagine what impact education can have on children. It’s best to choose a completely different system from a different country, maybe from another continent.
  • What are the ups and downs? Things are not always great for students, and this is something clear for every country. You can discuss in your essay about the advantages and the disadvantages of education in the U. S. For example, it’s a good thing that students have the right to choose the courses that they want to take, but sometimes teachers have unrealistic expectations and they ask them to study too much.
  • What are the general principles? The educational system is based on a few principles, and these are very important. In the U.S in particular, the government is trying to encourage students to be whoever they want to be, and they have a lot of freedom when it comes to what they study. At the same time, many schools ask the students to wear uniforms, so they don’t judge their colleagues based on their financial status. At the end of your composition, you can write your personal opinion regarding this topic but make sure that you keep it short.

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