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How To Compose A Good Critical Analysis Essay On Leadership

The objective of transformational leadership is to oversee appropriate running firm’s acculturations in an attempt to develop the skills of employees in line with competent leadership qualities. These ideas can therefore be expressed in form of books, a movie, an essay or a painting among others. The target of crafting a critical analysis piece is to evaluate another person’s work of art based on the leadership.

Consider the author’s appeal

Prepare for the writing by studying all the necessary materials about leadership and comprehend crucial ideas to be evaluated. Identify the author’s thesis which points out the main arguments and whether they offer appropriate solutions. Also distinguish what kind of appeals the author employs to sway the reader: whether logos, pathos or ethos which appeals to reason, emotion and credibility respectively.


Your article should start by presenting the background data which should point out the author’s name, the main title and the running title. The introductory part should clearly help the reader comprehend what leadership is and summarize the main arguments about it. The writer should give a general statement of his or her reaction towards leadership. This can either be positive or negative.


Present the summary of your central points about leadership and support it with detailed evidence from the primary text. This should be covered in a paragraph and should sufficiently cut across the entire topic to help the reader develop a general view of the contents of the article. Moreover, it should be brief and precise.

Analyze strengths and weaknesses

Thesis critique should be an equilibrated discussion and analyzing of the strengths, weaknesses and notable features of the topic. For instance, it challenges the contradicting view which hinders any form of leadership in favor effective and heroic leadership styles. Because of the poly-faceted nature of leadership, the writer should deploy a wide range of examples to gain an upper discernment of its complexity. After a critical basis of leadership, the writer should also highlight the role of religion as a fundamental requirement for efficacious leadership.


The concluding part is usually short. It generally restates the general idea of the analyzed text. It also includes the necessary recommendations on how the text can be ameliorated in terms of ideas, appeals and research. It should cover a tenth of the overall text.

The last part of the text includes the sources and citations. They should be ideal and contain the necessary information about leadership.


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